Up or down? – let your hair flow


You’ve got the dress…and the shoes…and the clutch.  But try as you may that perfect hat is still proving rather elusive. Don’t panic! Because that crowning glory is, well, your crowning glory – your hair.

Fortunately, this season racing fashions have included looks that aren’t quite hat-centric. In addition to structured silhouettes coordinated headp

ieces, this year, trackside trends have included sweeping designs and luscious locks.

That of course is great news for those with flowing manes and a beauty entourage, but what about us mere mortals?

So, to make a gallant attempt at the trend, we asked around for expert advice and found some tips that were surprisingly simple and only require a bit of prepping and patience. (No third hand or bucket of bobby pins required.)

First though, we had to get the low down on what will and won’t work.

Face shapes

Loose curly hair can really work on anyone; it’s just a matter of proportion then positioning those tendrils to rock what you’ve got.

Heart shape faces have cheekbones to die for (think Anne Hathaway) so highlight them by choosing a look that widens the chin. Keep the fullness above the shoulders and sculpt those curls in a direction that frames the jawline.

Angular faces (such as Jennifer Anniston’s) are well suited for wavy hair; particularly styles with choppy layers, side-swepped fringes and smooth texture. The gentle nature of this look helps to soften strong lines while the fringe brings attention straight up to your gorgeous eyes.

For rounder faces, the goal is to lengthen your look, so go for a bit of volume on top. You can get that lift by backcombing with a vengeance or try something a bit more civilised like KMS California’s Add Volume range. (We swear by the Root and Body Lift spray – great for adding texture too.) And like the heart-shaped face, keep fullness on the sides of the face to a minimum.

Parting your hair

Instead of resorting to your usual part and standard styling, try something a little less stayed. The wonderful thing about the current trend is that it’s meant to look lovable not lacquered.

Denis McFadden, founder of Just Cuts suggests trying an asymmetric style by parting your hair on either side directly above the highest arch of your eyebrow and blow dry in place. “It’s a really wearable style and suits almost everyone,” notes Denis. “As our faces are not symmetrical, a side part hides these flaws and makes for a sleek look.”


Rock that body

Kellie Odell wearing it up and Jennifer Hawkins letting it hang loose

Kellie Odell wearing it up and Jennifer Hawkins letting it hang loose

For fullness, nothing beats a round brush and a blow dryer. Or, to give your wrist a rest, blow it dry and then use rollers to give you that twist.

For tight curls, you can use hot rollers on bone-dry hair. You’ll really need to brush them out afterwards though otherwise the smaller size rollers will end giving you spirals better suited to a beauty pageant in Texas.

For looser curs, try something with a larger diameter like hair-pinned plastic rollers or better yet, Velcro rollers (no pins required). We’ve tried the ones from Scünci; they really do stay in place and better yet, one packet contains different sizes so you’re not stuck trying to get those tiny bits around huge barrels.

Working the locks

For the bouncy waves with Velcro curlers, blow dry till about 95% dry then wind the hair around the curlers – that last little 5% will be what sets the shape.

Whether hot or Velcro, put as little hair as possible around each curler. Too much hair makes it less able to hold the curl in place so your hair will just come out flat and, well that just defeats the purpose.

It’s a personal preference, but we find a light hairspray applied before rolling helps to hold the shape. To avoid the crunchiness, try something like Justice Professional’s Workable Hairspray.

Starting with the rollers at the crown of your head, wrap the pieces backwards, moving down the head before staring over at the top just forward of the crown (it’s easier to start with the back then move forward)

Depending on your preference (and face shape) curl the rest of your hair by positioning the roller vertically / horizontally and forward/backward. Vertical will give you ringlets while horizontal will give you a style that fold under.

Once you have all of your rollers in place, go over it with your blow dryer then allow your hair to cool completely. The longer you leave the rollers in, the better the results.

And of course if you’re feeling naked without a headpiece, you can always have that taxi pull over to the side of the road so you can swipe a Frangipani off of a flowering tree. Regardless of trends, flowers never go out of style.








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