The makings of a fashion filly – Alana Kennedy

alana and sofie formica

An interest in fashion and a fan of race days were all it took to convince Alana Kennedy, 30, to travel from Townsville in North Queensland to the Celebrations’ Ladies Day at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse; the event that kicked off the Sydney Carnival last autumn.

Trying on hats at one of Townsville’s many boutiques

Taking time away from her busy schedule as manager for Arbonne and Territory Manager for Australian Vintage Wines North Queensland, Alana admitted she was looking forward to going all out for her first foray into Fashions on the Field but needed a little guidance. Alana wanted to ensure that her personal style shined through yet needed advice on how to dress in accordance with race wear etiquette.  Race Wear Australia (RWA) was more than happy to assist.

As racing is one of Townsville’s highlights of the cooler months, there is no shortage of large shops and smaller boutiques in which to choose a unique outfit; and as every woman knows, choices can be a good or bad thing. To begin with, RWA directed Alana to a local store in Townsville that specialises in race wear, and asked her to try on what she fancied. A gorgeous woman to begin with, Alana looked stunning in everything she tried on, however, she still wanted something more along the line of classic race wear. Going to other stores, it was the same scenario; everything was nice, but in her opinion, something was missing.

alana and sofie formica

Sofie Formica and Alana Kennedy at “Celebration’s Ladies Day – Rosehill Race Track”

Fortunately, Alana’s options weren’t quite depleted as RWA then organised for her to visit both a local race wear designer and a respected milliner. They accepted the challenge and together with Alana’s preferences they set about pulling together an ensemble befit for the autumn carnival’s Fashions on the Field competition.

First came the clothes. Queensland designer Trish Bellero put her in a pure wool outfit, an appropriate fabric for the season, which was accentuated with Chantilly Lace. In addition to the clothes, Alana received a basic briefing from this couture designer on “accepted” Autumn choices: knee length skirts, cold-weather fabrics, closed toe shoes, covered shoulders, darker colours and of course, no straw hats.

Next came the hat. Alana visited the workshop of Queensland milliner, Tegan Crisafulli. Renowned for her classic, artistic and well crafted head pieces, Tegan worked closely with Trish Bellero and jointly they produced an entire outfit  – hat, clothes, gloves, stockings, shoes and clutch – that Alan felt truly reflected her style.

With a carefully packed suitcase and hat box in tow, Alana arrived in Sydney eager to meet the hair dresser that would work with her locks to produce a style that would compliment her hat, not detract from it: sleek, elegant and fixed.


Alana’s complete outfit

“This was such an exciting adventure for me. I wanted to compete in FOTF to combine my love for race days and keen eye for eclectic fashion” proclaimed Alana. “I have never entered as I didn’t think that I was able to put together an outfit that would impress the judges enough. However this time I had the most incredible support network of people who know what it takes to make that special impression.

Alana didn’t take home the lavish and coveted Fashions on the Field, prize, but this being her first foray, she was quick to point out that she learnt more than she could have imagined. And though she may not have won, she did get plenty of compliments on her outfit, including some from the stylish TV presenter Sofie Formica.

“I loved the journey and was so excited to be a part of the experience and to see all the other amazing entrants’ ensemble.” said Alana. “Now, I can’t wait for my next experience as a contestant at an upcoming fashion on the field event.”

-Race Wear Australia



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