Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Coogee

Must be something special in the salt air as Coogee has some unbelievable stories. This seaside town is just far enough from the city that it can stand on its own – which is exactly why it’s been years since some of the locals have even ventured beyond the beaches to head inland. With the gorgeous views, who’d blame them.

Read “Secret Suburb: Explore the seaside suburb of Coogee with its rich history and beach lifestyle” in The Sunday Telegraph here.


Secret Suburb: Coogee appeared in The Sunday Telegraph on 7 December 2014.

Secret Suburb: Coogee appeared in The Sunday Telegraph on 7 December 2014.

 Things to do, see and appreciate in Coogee

  • Wirth’s Circus – Philip Wirth, essentially the face of Australia’s once largest circus, built an extravagant home for his family and their elephant named Alice.
  • Mackenzie Mode – Emily Athineos’ designs are inspired by everything Coogee has to offer.
  • Xtend Barre – Intense toning workout and just a leap to the beach.
  • Shark Arm Case -  Strange enough that the story inspired an episode of CSI: Miami.
  • Coogee Bay Dress Crochet Pattern – Make this one for some beachside style
  • Coogee Pier – Built to emulate the boardwalks of England.
  • Wylie’s Baths – A tidal pool built from a father’s love for his daughter.
  • Wedding Cake Island – The inspiration behind songs, stories and surfing legends.

Where is Coogee?

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