Run spotting – 12 July: French Festival

One of the reasons I love running down by Circular Quay is that there is always something going on in the front court of Customs House.


The Market Basket Company featuring their hand-crafted French-country style baskets made of natural fibres and leather handles.

Usually it is some sort of elaborate corporate promotion or a big screen showing the Wimbeldon matches,  but for three days over the weekend, it was the Bleu Blanc Rouge French Festival, a lively  set-up of wine tasting, traditional food stalls and of course, music.


French cooking classes

With cooking shows being all the rage, it certainly seemed appropriate to have on-site lessons from local chefs. Judging by the audience members who were hanging on every word, they were certainly appreciative of the opportunity to learn about some French delicacies – desserts!


French foods from Steph’s Gourmet Food

And naturally, there is always food – lots of food. From crepes to croissants the smells were divine. I’m actually glad I didn’t bring any money along or I would have probably stopped for a glass of wine and a slice of salami – as you do when you’re out exercising.

French-wine tasting

French-wine tasting at Discover Vin

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