NNNY – Day 26: Buying Stock in Rock

Pearl Jam concert - lights on and they're still going

Pearl Jam concert – lights on and they’re still going

Australia Day – Normally, the only thing I’d buy today would be beer and meat pies, but thanks to the awesomeness of Kathy McCabe, Mr Mox Nix and I got tickets to Big Day Out (this massive all day music festival at Olympic Park) but more precisely *drum roll* …Pearl Jam!! Read More

NNNY-Day 19: ‘Costcology’, otherwise known as Bulk Buy Madness

Because a girl can never have enough boots

Sucked in! Even knowing the tactics of  bulk buy stores, I still manage to walk out with heaps of items I can’t seem to get enough of or simply can’t live without. And I’m not alone. If you google Costco, the first line of most every article and blog post is how people go in with lists and good intentions, but leave with a lawnmower. Read More

NNNY – Day 17: Music at last

It’s been nearly four years since we’ve had any sort of music in our car. When the basic tape-deck stereo (yep, you heard that right: cassette tape) petered out, we debated whether or not to replace it. Since we have a soft-top Jeep, the wind whistling through the zipper seams doesn’t quite make for the best acoustic environment. And we are really only in the car for short trips to work or….. Ikea.

So with Christmas money and a promise to my parents that I wouldn’t spend it on bills but rather something that Mr. Mox Nix and I both want, I headed to Strathfield Audio and broke radio silence.

And guess what? The music really hasn’t changed much in four years; it’s still baby this, baby that and oh baby.  Yawn.

(oh, and it’s exempt from cost and “new” because he wanted it – I probably would have spent it on bills.)


NNNY – Day 17

17 JANUARY 2014 

No. of new items

No. of used items

Cost of new items

Cost of used items

Exempts amount

Matching amount

Evaded amount


       1  $217.35  $217.35  $1

TOTALS: To date

       6  $302.70  $302.70  $1


NNNY – Day 12: The price of silence

Cone of Silence

Air conditioning and wi-fi: the two main reasons I’ve temporarily set-up office at the local library. With the heat wave we’ve been having here in Sydney, I could probably even forego the wi-fi but unless I’m studying under arctic conditions, I fidget like a kid in church. Read More

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