NNNY – Day 40: Lost items = desperate measures

Mr Mox Nix just loves Laughing at my checklists. Sure, sometimes I go overboard, like putting every teeny-tiny detail of his 40th birthday onto a spread sheet, complete with Gantt Chart for scheduling. (It is of course vitally important that the tea lights are placed on alternate steps precisely 15 minutes before guests are set to arrive.) Read More

NNNY – Day 37: Birthday hold-out

Best birthdays are with friends - and a martini while overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Best birthdays = friends + a martini + view of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Normally, I’d use today as an excuse to buy myself something I’ve wanted. Nothing extravagant like a spree through Tiffany’s but more along the line of a Glasshouse candle or new running socks. Read More

NNNY – Day 32: Blew it on blue shoes

Navy blue suede heels. For the past year I have been hunting for a pair of navy heels that are sky high or matronly. So when I saw them on the shelf, it was a no brainer. I just had to get them. Even my friend who was shopping with me today and tries to steer me away from blue (seeing as most everything in my wardrobe is one shade of blue or another) told me to buy it. Read More

NNNY-Day 28: debate between ebook and my books

When in doubt, head to the library.

When in doubt, head to the library.

If this was an experiment in frugality, I might be inclined to say that e-books should go into the ‘non-exempt’ category’ however, since NNNY isn’t about money, but rather about manufactured goods, I think I’ll keep it under ‘exempt’ category. Read More

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