Mea Culpa: confessions and discoveries

Rozelle Markets

Ok, so I haven’t been the best at keeping up my writing. Or my tallying. Or my research. Well, maybe not formal research, but I have certainly been doing a lot of field work. Bottom line: it’s really really really hard to avoid buying unused items. It’s not because I like shiny new things from Ikea or the kitsch purple two-ring binders, rather, used things are just too elusive. Read More

ANZAC Day: It’s easy to forget


Tomorrow being ANZAC Day, many Australians will bow their heads and think of those who died serving their countries. There’ll be poppies respectfully pinned to lapels, tasteful wreaths laid at shrines, and speeches culminating with those iconic words, “Lest we forget.”  Yet, as long as we think of the fallen as a depersonalised collective, we will indeed forget. And rather than ANZAC Day being one of reflection, it’ll just signal the start of a long weekend, drink specials and another $5 cause-wristband. Read More

Real Housewives of Melbourne… the drinking game

The Really Real Housewife

A table made from a recycled door – got that one from The Block. Chocolate mud cake – picked that up from Master Chef. Choosing white or yellow diamonds for my yoga workout  – learned that from The Real Housewives of…. hold on, I don’t own diamonds and I don’t do yoga. And pretty much the only tidbit I’ve gotten from any of those “housewives” is that unless you’re 60% silicon with a BMI of 14% and a husband in the 2% club, you’re a varietal pariah. Read More

Hemming and Hawing over Pants – or how to buy a suit without the suit wearer

Myer - Fashions on the Field (Men)

Hemming and Hawing: Every girl knows that a fitting from a talented tailor can take your race wear dress from nice to enviable; the same holds true for menswear. However, if you’re like many of us with husbands or partners that would rather watch back-to-back chick flicks than try on clothes, the chances of getting him professionally fitted are on par with Sylvester Stallone reciting poetry. It’s just not going to happen. Read More

Fashion & Beauty

David Jones 175 Years: The Exhibition

In 175 years of David Jones, I found myself

Saturday, June 1, 2013

At what point did I lose my fashion mojo? When did cardigan sets and knee-length skirts infiltrate my wardrobe? Has the ability to accessorize slipped through my fingers…