Secret Suburbs: Things to do and see in Balmain


One of my favourite ways to explore a suburb is to put on my running shoes, throw on a backpack and literally jog up and down each street.

For Balmain though, I had a really tough time keeping my eyes open for “secrets” because I just kept admiring the Jacaranda trees and the smell of Jasmine. Read More

Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Manly

Manly, Sydney

I admit it. Every time I’ve gone to Manly, it’s usually been with visiting friends or family and yes, we always tend to go straight from the ferry, along the main walk (The Corso) to a restaurant by the water, eat and return. Lovely sure, but for a town that was one of Sydney’s first get-aways, there just had to be more and I wanted to find it. Read More

Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Walsh Bay

Walsh Bay, Sydney. Picture: Jenifer Jagielski

I’ve run past this precinct almost every day, so I figured there wouldn’t be any surprises. How wrong I was. Of all the things that I’ve mentioned, only one of them was something I’d come across before. Yes, it’s a beautiful place and renowned for the theatres and arts organisations, but that’s not even half of what this very small but very busy area is about.  Read More

Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Campbelltown

Spooky tales s may have some ducking under the covers, but for the residents of Campbelltown there’s one spirit that has the town poised for celebrations.  The annual Fisher’s Ghost Festival, appropriately held around Halloween has become a mainstay on the community calendar with parades, contests and even a fun run.

From beer to baked goods, you’ll see plenty of local businesses have a play with the name as well.

Not all the legends and lore in Campbelltown have a spirited story but those you’ll just have to read on to find out about.

Secret Campbelltown

Secret Campbelltown

Things to see and do in Campbelltown


Where is Campbelltown

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