NNNY – The Rules of Engagement

My experiment, my rules. There is nothing truly formal about this. It’s just something I’m doing out of curiosity (but if you want the full back-story click here.)

The Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement

These rules apply to items that are above and beyond what’s truly needed for the home. (‘Yes’ to the items on the shopping list….but ‘No’ to the glossy mag strategically placed near the check-out counter.) Regular household expenses aren’t the focus of this experiment so things like groceries, medicine and so forth aren’t included.

This is bound to change over the course of this experiment but for now I’ve outlined three general categories:

Category I: Exempt                                                                                              

  • Hygiene related
      • Undies
      • Make-up
      • Hair products
  • Sports
      • Running shoes (let’s just call this one the “injury avoidance” caveat)
        Double points for the "Exempt" category

        Double points for the “Exempt” category

      • Swimsuit
  • Mr Mox Nix
      • Things he buys for himself (read: video games)
      • Things he should buy for himself but that I end up purchasing
      • Things that would be considered joint or equally shared (e.g. TV, couch, etc.)
  • Office supplies
      • Standard items only; nothing matchy-matchy that includes strawberry scented erasers
  • Gifts for family and friends

Category II: Exempt but…

Usually things that are time-sensitive but I’ll investigate whether or not there are places that sell seconds or off-cuts.

Category III: Nope, nuh-uh, nyiet, nein, nix

Pretty much anything else that doesn’t fall into the above categories; be it a quirky purple measuring cup from K-Mart or a NY Times Bestseller.

They needed a good home. What was I supposed to do?

They needed a good home. What was I supposed to do?

Caveat: If I feel the need to buy something and can’t imagine living without it (read: shoes), I can do so but only on the condition that whatever the cost, I have to match it and put that money aside and donate* it at the end of this experiment.

*Charity yet to be determined.

Here goes….




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