NNNY – Day 8: After-after-Christmas sales


That’s pretty much verbatim what my brain is saying as I walk past the seductive site of…. purple Christmas plates?! Seriously? The little happy synapses upstairs are getting excited over unsellable paper plates?


Might as well have a flashing neon light over it saying “buy me”

Oh, but these weren’t just any plates. No sir, these were the finest plates in all the land: regal purple surrounding the silhouette of a brave white reindeer on sale for the magical price of $1. (The plates were on sale, not the reindeer.)

Ok, now. Step away from the clearance section and think it through. Pros and cons.


  • It’s purple.
  • It’s on sale.
  • I can save them and use them next year for a holiday party or to give as gift with home-made Christmas cookies.


  • I’m usually not in Australia for Christmas.
  • Two parties a year: one is turkey centric and the other’s tacos and tequila.
  • I hate cooking. The thought of spending a whole weekend baking cookies is on par with a trip to the dentist.

Looks like the “cons” have it.


NNNY – Day 8

8 JANUARY 2014 

No. of new items

No. of used items

Cost of new items

Cost of used items

Exempts amount

Matching amount

Evaded amount



TOTALS: To date



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