NNNY – Day 4: The “friends” exemption?

The culprits: Viv and Asma

I’m of two minds on how I should approach purchases when around friends:

The culprits: Viv and Asma

The culprits: Viv and Asma

1. I could just quietly go with the flow and buy the matching kitsch keychains that feature our nicknames but that blatantly defies the rules I’ve established and I think it would set me along that slippery slope of excuses each time a temptation arises.


2. I could tell my friends about my experiment and why I won’t be participating in this once in a lifetime bonding moment but without a long-winded explanation, that could probably come off as sort of moral crusade.

I’ll need to think about this one a bit and come up with some sort of Reader’s Digest version that explains NNNY without making me sound like a pretentious arse.

In the meantime, with Asma and Viv in town and back from their “Great American Adventure”, I’m sure I won’t have to worry about this as I’m pretty certain they would have spent every last cent on souvenirs from New York. Besides, Saint Asma will endeavour to understand my reasoning and Viv already knows I’m a snob (insert *wink, wink* here.)

Instead, we’ll probably spend our money on chocolate babkas at Max Brenner and give a pass to the novelty mugs at the counter.

Chocolate diversion

Chocolate diversion


NNNY – Day 4

4 JANUARY 2014 

No. of new items

No. of used items

Cost of new items

Cost of used items

Exempts amount

Matching amount

Evaded amount


TOTALS: To date



One Comment on “NNNY – Day 4: The “friends” exemption?

  1. Oh no – now I want a chocolate babka!! And another trip to New York! And I am stuck…in Darwin!!

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