NNNY – Day 32: Blew it on blue shoes

Navy blue suede heels. For the past year I have been hunting for a pair of navy heels that are sky high or matronly. So when I saw them on the shelf, it was a no brainer. I just had to get them. Even my friend who was shopping with me today and tries to steer me away from blue (seeing as most everything in my wardrobe is one shade of blue or another) told me to buy it.

It ticked every box on the “pro” list:

  • Less than $100 (at $40, that was perfect)
  • High, but not atmospheric heels
  • Navy with some sort of embellishment
  • Comfortable enough to stand in for five hours
  • And did I mention that they’re blue?!

Feeling terribly conflicted, I went ahead and bought them and matched the amount. But I still feel rubbish.

Of course, to cheer me up, I went downstairs and bought a back-pack; something else I desperately needed.

Need to think this one through a bit.

Shoes: $40

Backpack – $59.99


NNNY – Day 32

1 Feb 14

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 Used items

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