NNNY – Day 3: Patriotic marketing

Not sure which category today’s semi-necessary purchase falls under. Technically, I needed paper towels. Normally I’d go for the least expensive product, but today I was definitely swayed by the “I Love Australia” print on the Viva brand 2-pack (for Australia Day presumably).


To give that scene a bit of context, you’d have to know how much I despise prints on household paper products; for me to even give this the eye was out of the ordinary. And if that wasn’t diabolical enough, it was on special  for $0.40 cheaper than a comparable item – so I bought two. I certainly didn’t need two but in this marketing trance, I ended up with two in the shopping cart.

See the dilemma? Needed it, but…

So, this got me thinking:  What was the exact element that lured me in: Was it the cute print or, in some way, was I drawn in by a sense of patriotism?  And by patriotic, I don’t necessarily mean for Australia but just the notion in general.

There is ample evidence out there that shows how “Country of Origin” impacts sales (e.g. Wal-Mart’s “Made in American“* initiative) but that’s not what I’m after; I’m looking for something that very specifically relates to the image, not the brand.  I’ll just have to keep looking.

In the meantime:

NNNY – Day 3

3 JANUARY 2014 

No. of new items

No. of used items

Cost of new items

Cost of used items

Exempts amount

Matching amount

Evaded amount


TOTALS: To date




*Wohl, J. and Kelleher, J. (2013). Insight: Wal-Mart’s ‘Made in America” drive follows suppliers’ lead. Reuters.com. Retrieved from http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/25/us-walmart-manufacturing-insight-idUSBRE98O04Q20130925.

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