NNNY-Day 28: debate between ebook and my books

When in doubt, head to the library.

When in doubt, head to the library.

If this was an experiment in frugality, I might be inclined to say that e-books should go into the ‘non-exempt’ category’ however, since NNNY isn’t about money, but rather about manufactured goods, I think I’ll keep it under ‘exempt’ category.

Following that logic though, print-books are a newly manufactured item and technically unnecessary so shouldn’t they fall into the ‘non-exempt’ category? I really want to support authors and buy their books, but unless it’s something I truly need, like a textbook or manual, I have to follow my rules and put it aside. But that being said, besides the obvious of purchasing used books, two friends of mine suggested the following:

  • Buy the book then donate it
  • Buy the book then swap with others

Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that.

From the mouth of babes, no truer words

A couple years back, dear friends of ours  –  the W’s – came to stay for the weekend. Taking advantage of Mrs W’s excellent design skills, I asked her what she thought about enclosing the bookshelves surrounding the TV in the entertainment centre. Aesthetically it made sense seeing as our place is very narrow (i.e. too narrow in fact that we had to sell our wi-fit because you couldn’t get far enough away for it to register) and streamlining the wall would make it look sleeker. So, while we’re humming and hawing, 10-year old Master W pipes in, “Don’t close off the books. People will think all you do is watch tv.”

Well, talk about a kick in the Kafka. How do you respond to that, particularly when you know he’s right? No one can see all the books you have downloaded on your iPad but a bookcase can be about as revealing as an open diary (for better or worse.)

It seems to that Master W is onto something. According to a survey conducted by British marketing research agency, Voxburner, 62% of 16-24 year olds prefer print-based books. 62%!!! And one of the key findings was that those 62% liked having a full bookshelf; they saw a creased spine as a sort of badge of honour. One child, Zoe, is quoted in the LA Times , saying, “It’s like a trophy.”

Fortunately, all the uproar about print books being dead may be slightly exaggerated says writer and librarian, Kevin O’Kelley of The Huffington Post. E-book readers do indeed by non-digital books as well, in fact Forbes Magazine’s Jeremy Greenfield cites statistics from the Association of American Publishers that show hardcover book sales grew by 10% in 2013 while e-books dropped 4.8%.

Bottom line: I’m thinking (or hoping) my one year off from book-buying won’t hurt the publishing world too much, but until then, I’ll be hitting up the library and keeping the iPad for travel.



NNNY – Day 28

28 Jan 14

New items

 Used items

Cost of new

Cost  of      used

Exempts amount

Matching amount

Evaded amount









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