NNNY – Day 26: Buying Stock in Rock

Pearl Jam concert - lights on and they're still going

Pearl Jam concert – lights on and they’re still going

Australia Day – Normally, the only thing I’d buy today would be beer and meat pies, but thanks to the awesomeness of Kathy McCabe, Mr Mox Nix and I got tickets to Big Day Out (this massive all day music festival at Olympic Park) but more precisely *drum roll* …Pearl Jam!!

Mr Mox Nix is one of their most rabid fans, worshipping at the throne of Eddie Vetter. He buys their live concert recordings – every city on the same tour – and starts so many sentences with “Eddie Vedder said…” I swear his epitath will read “Heaven is better with Eddie Vedder“.

I too love PJ, starting with a mix-tape (yes, I know) that my brother made me when I was going through a rough patch. It included (Can’t find a) Better Man  – a not so subtle hint that there was indeed someone better out there. (True that!)

Fortunately, the marketing powers that be have blessed us with the opportunity to commemorate these moments and memories with your very own (insert band here) license plate frame.  In fact they thrive on the notion that you’ll buy that frame to a) remember the night, b) gain street cred for having attended said concert and c) to ‘support” the band.

You’d think after decades of going to concerts, I’d be immune to their lure, but all the memories I have with those shows is exactly why I too want to commemorate the night.

T-shirt / nightshirt ($40), and because his other PJ stubbie cooler is, well, icky from Red Bull and vodka, I bought him a new one ($15) and then a sticker ($2) for my brother.


NNNY – Day 26

26 Jan 14

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