NNNY – Day 1.7 – This is harder than I thought

Oh, dear. Christmas markets. Sucked in. But let me see if I can justify any of the items I purchased or if I need to create a new category.

One blouse was a “sample” but with tags so that definitely counts as “new”: -$10

Two dresses, but both were handmade. This is a tough one, but I guess because I know the fabrics were new, these should go into the “new” category as well as my “matching price” category. But if they were sewn with old or left-over fabrics, then I’ll write those off as being ok.

However, what if I need to buy something for a certain occasion? Hmmm, I’ll need to think on this one but I think this will have to go into the “learn to sew” category. In the meantime, those two dresses and blouse put me back a bit further: -$70 

Shoot. I’m only 7 days in and realising that this is going to be much harder than I thought. Or, I’m just going to have to put a whole lot more effort into  finding my resources.

So far, I’ve tried the following:


  • Gumtree,
  • Freecycle (applied to my local “community” but haven’t heard back yet),
  • some re-purposing blogs


  • Salvation Army stores (Broadway and Tempe) and
  • Kirribilli fashion markets.

To do:

  • Find places that have off cuts
  • Learn to sew!

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