NNNY Day 1.3 – The great pen saga

Needless to say, the box of pens kind of freaked me out. And, oh yes, I did find many more around the house – nightstand, side table, under the bed, behind the desks and even in my hair accessory container as I tend to use pens as hair clips.

But in theory, that last one’s a good thing because I am re-purposing them, right?

Ok, so that’s reaching.

However, the great pen saga did lead me to realise I’d been using one of my sturdier food storage containers to house all the miscellaneous writing implements. Now, follow this ridiculous logic.

Pens are in old, crumbling shoe  box > pens need new home > pens get put into one of my sturdy food storage containers > pens are fine but now I’m out of storage containers > bought cheap containers to replace the others (-$8.95) > cheap ones break and I end up with just lids > replace the replacements (-$12.95)…..

Slide1All I really had to do was use an empty Jelly Belly container and I could have circumnavigated that whole process and remained in the black.

Today’s total: -$21.90


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