NNNY – Day 1.1

I’m already amazed at the stupid things I wanted to buy today, and probably would have, had I not given them a second thought.

Pretty sure I need some new pens.

Pretty sure I need some new pens.

A pen – I wanted to scratch some items off my grocery shopping list but couldn’t find a pen in my bag so almost bought one. (I didn’t even consider the box I had at home  – which I just now counted has 73 pens in it. And, on top of that, I have pens scattered all around the house that I use to pin up my hair.)

Bonus: I found two hair clips, a lip brush (that’ll get tossed), a box of mini-staples and a white-out pen.

Saved: $0.99

Christmas decoration for the front door – Spoke to our neighbour who mentioned she hadn’t seen a decoration on our door this year. So I went to K-mart to buy one for us, and one as a surprise, for her.

Work-around solution: Reminded myself that there are always ornaments on the back of the tree that I can use or I can make some paper snowflakes.

Saved: $4.95

Ponytail holders – Like pens, I never seem to have enough.

Work-around solution: I know they are in the house somewhere so rather than buying more while doing grocery shopping, I’ve decided to hunt down all the ones at home first. And if I’m still low after that, then I can get some more.

Saved: $3.99

Today’s total: $9.93

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