Hitting the high notes with “2 Big Voices”

Belinda Adams reaches the high notes
Belinda Adams reaches the high notes

Belinda Adams reaches the high notes

Velvet curtains, cozy candle-lit tables, beaded chandeliers and bottles of champagne – essentially what I expected from Slide cabaret club on Oxford Street. But that’s pretty much where my preconceptions exited stage left. Gone were the visions of burlesque dancers and vaudeville acts, replaced instead by equal parts family gathering, birthday celebrations and power ballads. Throw in a pinch of gossip and it could have been a backyard BBQ that spilled over to the karaoke machine. Except for the band. And the oh-so snug sequin dresses. And the olive martinis.  And, most importantly, the fact that 2 Big Voices, Belinda Adams and Danni Da Ros can really sing. I mean really, really sing.

From the get-go it’s quite clear why Belinda and Danni can claim The Voice Australia alumni status (Belinda in Season 2 and Danni in Season 1) as they belt out songs without a warble. A pretty impressive feat. And they make it look so effortless – like Jamie Oliver chopping veggies at warp speed, effortless. You know it’s possible yet such things are better left to the experts.

2 Big Voices' Belinda Adams and Danni Da Ros at Slide Cabaret Club

2 Big Voices’ Belinda Adams and Danni Da Ros at Slide Cabaret Club

It’s their cheeky personalities coupled with audience interaction that really complimented the show, beginning with Belinda’s self-deprecating laugh after a slight misstep heading up to the stage. (Well, she actually tripped, but since she was wearing a white sequin gown, I figured a more regal term would be appropriate.) And no bottled water for these girls, it was flutes of champagne in between songs. There were dedications to family members, shout-outs to birthday girls and a hilarious moment when Belinda relayed the story of how her previous boyfriend inspired one of her original songs after which she back-pedaled as her husband (acting as the audio engineer) jokingly cut the sound to her microphone. Train wreck averted and a good laugh had all around.

In between songs and some light-hearted banter, both Belinda and Danni spoke candidly about their experiences on The Voice. Personally, for me, it was a little bit too candid. Maybe better to err on the side of, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” after all, they are using The Voice’s notoriety to promote their show.

Dannie Da Ros

Danni Da Ros sings as Belinda Adams looks on

Alas, I do think that their amazing talent was a bit overshadowed by their stage presence. While Danni belted out the tunes, she just didn’t seem to connect with the lyrics – emotions didn’t reflect the words. And while I appreciate expression during performances, Belinda had a bit too many moments of spirit fingers and rehearsed movements. I guess I wanted something more impromptu – but that’s just me.

In the end, it was really all about their formidable voices. Hitting notes that made your hairs stand on end and singing songs that tugged on every heartstring, Belinda and Danni certainly know how to leave the audience wanting more. And if the audience’s roaring applause is any indication, these ladies should surely comply.



The Short and Sweet

You’ll enjoy 2 Big Voices if you like:

  • really bold and powerful singers;
  • songs that showcases vocal ranges;
  • a little bit of campiness in your entertainment;
  • a bit of audience interaction; and
  • watching a show while sitting down at a table with some food and wine.

The Novice Nook:

Cabaret - a floorshow of dancing, singing, or other light entertainment at a nightclub or restaurant (Collins dictionary)



Belinda Adams – www.BelindaAdams.com

Danni Da Ros – www.DanniDaRos.com



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