Glebe Markets and my $1 designer shoes

Betsey Johnson red patent platform sandals
Betsey Johnson red patent platform sandals

The gorgeous Betseyville by Betsey Johnson red patent shoes that I scored at the Glebe Markets for one dollar.

“One dollar. One dollar.”

Nine hours, 40 minutes and it all boiled down to one dollar.  My delusions of luxury, riches and Manolo Blahnicks shattered by one dollar.

See, yesterday I rented a stall at the Glebe Markets to offload some clothes and books that had accumulated in the garage.  I told myself that this would be a cathartic exercise and I’d feel relieved without the clutter. But in all honesty, I’d already started counting the money I was sure to make.

So, come Saturday morning, I arrive with my neatly packed items, Ikea clothes racks and a bum-bag of spare change. It’s a tiny spot, but I’m proud of my little boutique.

Gates open, the masses (ok, maybe a dozen people) enter and the haggling begins.

“No, I can’t take $30 for that. I paid (cough, cough) and couldn’t possibly settle for less than $75. See? It even has the tags on it.”

A few things get sold right away, but for the most part, I’m not making much progress. Taking cues from the girls at the adjacent stands, I knock a few dollars off my original asking price.

As midday hits, and the crowds grow, a strange shift occurs. No longer do I want to get top dollar for that dress I bought after succumbing to the false flattery of a sales clerk, I just want to get rid of it.

“$20. Everything on this rack, just $20.”

The price cuts continue while closing time approaches.  The adjacent sellers and I start to giggle as we cut down to rock bottom prices. With the thought of lugging remnants back to the car, the objective is now to get rid of everything.

“Five dollars”

“Three for $10”

“One dollar. Everything, one dollar!”

I didn’t leave flush with cash, but I did get rid of my clutter and made some friends. I did however leave with one purchase – someone else’s “precious” shoes for the desperate price of, you guessed it, one dollar.

Glebe Markets

When:       Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where:     One the grounds of the Glebe Public School at the corner of Derby Place and Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW
Contact: or ring David on 0419 291 449.

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