Cavalia dashes in with colour and flair

Frederic and Chehu
Frederic and Chehu

Cavalia performers – both horse and rider – synchronize on the elevated stage

You’ll enjoy Cavalia if …
  1. you like horses;
  2. you really, really like horses;
  3. and you have the ability to not think about betting odds as the horses run in circles.
Bungee Cavalier _ Pascal and Ratthe

Cavalia is a Cirque du Soleil inspiration

This show is for the truly equine devout. Horse whisperers and horse worshippers alike will be in awe from the first moment. For the rest of us, it might take a little more concentration.

When ads first circulated announcing Cavalia’s Sydney arrival, I must have put my thumb over the illustration of a stallion and zoomed in on the reference to Cirque du Soleil. As a self-confessed Cirque junkie, I fell in love with the troupe in San Diego back in 1992, this was a must-see for me. And from that perspective it didn’t disappoint – coloured costumes that would make a peacock jealous, celestial music, fairytale settings, inimitable multi-media effects and of course, the beautifully choreographed athletic extravaganza. (I warned you that I was a Cirque junkie.)

And then there were the horses. After a brief musical interlude and some gypsy circus-themed acrobatics, a pony enters stage right, gallops directly across the the 50-meter stage and passes through curtains to exit stage left. “Ewws” and “Ahhs” abound. Pretty pony. Pretty pony.

Over the next two hours there is an interchange between equestrian tricks and impressive feats of agility. It’s clear that there is a special bond between the riders and their respective mounts. Mutual trust would have to exist in order to attempt a back flip while riding a gelding – an impressive feat from any point of view.

When all is said and done, the production is really about the majesty of horses with the Cirque element as a sidebar. In other words, you need to really, really, really like horses and appreciate their ability to walk sideways (apparently, this is difficult).
Cavalia is running through June 16, 2013
White Big Top
122 Lang Road
Moore Park, NSW 2021

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