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Good things happen to good people and Tori Demopoulos is proof positive. Part-time lifeguard and full-time occupational therapy student, it comes as no surprise that she entered her first Fashions on the Field competition last year as a sort of favour to Two Mad Hatter’s milliner, Robin Strang.

Tori’s participation came about after recognising she was the only one wearing one of Robin’s creations, an 80-year old felt hat modified to compliment her outfit. Dressed for the day, Tori viewed her foray into the competition as an opportunity to give Robin’s creations some exposure plus, as she explains, “I had nothing to lose.”

Tori’s carefree attitude, unique headpiece and a dress made by her grandmother was what it took to win the 2012 Classic Racewear category at the Townsville Cup. Standing in front of the judges and an appreciative crowd, Tori was a handed a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal flowers along with a prize package to the value of $4000.00 including vouchers from Flight Centre and Stockland Shopping Centre.

Though she won the Classic category Tori admits that she also loves contemporary fashions. Her eclectic style has her taking bits and pieces from different sources, rather than following one designer in particular; the exception of course being Robin’s bespoke headpieces, and for the 2012 FOTF competition, a dress made by her grandmother.

Tori is also keen to recognise the merits of both repurposed and Australian made fashions – particularly those sourced from Townsville merchants. In addition to her hat, Tori explains how black fabric with a self-weave was purchased at Townsville’s NQ Fabrics, her black gloves were borrowed from her paternal grandmother and her stylish yet practical shoes “were my old faithfuls that I initially wore to my graduation in 2009.”

Now, a FOTF veteran, Tori is eager to impart a bit of advice to others interested in the competition. “Wear something comfortable and it will give you confidence,” she explains, adding, “keep hem lines modest, shoulders covered, and wear stockings; gloves give the final touch. “ Tori also suggests matching two of your three accessories (i.e. hat, shoes and clutch) as all three in the same colour can be a bit much.

Despite her 2012 win, Tori humbly notes that after her first competition, she didn’t really think about her next FOFT challenge; but that didn’t mean she was ready to give up the glam. Staying true to her support of Townsville fashions, Tori wore a gown made by local designer, Katelyn Aslett, while being crowned 2013 Queensland Jupiter’s Summer Surf Girl. Tori bested 20 other entrants with her poise, etiquette, surf life saving achievement and, not surprisingly, having raised $105,000 for the Arcadian Surf Life Saving Club (Townsville). With that resume, it’s going to be really interesting to see what’s next on Tori’s agenda. Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see the photos!


-Race Wear Australia

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