Secret Suburb: Things to see and do in Moorebank

Situated along the Georges River, across from Liverpool, Moorebank began as a gentle repose with vineyards, orchards an picnics along the river banks. While it’s mainly a residential area now with a bit of industry the river remains a recreational drawing card as tucked behind some warehouses along the water is a sort of recreational hub. You won’t find Victorian picnics, but you will find some rather sporty types out on the river – skiing barefoot behind some speed boatss

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Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in the Macarthur Region

You can have a 50s inspired photography session at Bexterity. Picture: Bexterity

In the amount of time it takes to run a load of laundry, you could be lacing up your trainers about to head out for a leisurely bush walk. Or for the more adventurous a steeper trek down to a secluded waterfall. Read More

Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Coogee

Must be something special in the salt air as Coogee has some unbelievable stories. This seaside town is just far enough from the city that it can stand on its own – which is exactly why it’s been years since some of the locals have even ventured beyond the beaches to head inland. With the gorgeous views, who’d blame them.

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Secret Suburb: Things to do and see in Rockdale

The is duck feeding in Rockdale

My first day walking around I found a laneway that stretched about three blocks. It featured a couple dozen large scale art installations that were from different schools, organisations and local artists. Hanging overhead was lighting that looked like icicles from Krypton; I’m sure it looks pretty at night, but even against the blue sky, they looked quite nice. Read More

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Up or down? – let your hair flow

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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